Writing activities the three little pigs

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Writing activities the three little pigs

Share via Email Sarah Hynie's class assumed it was their classwork that had brought the matter of the Three Little Pigs to the media's attention. Sarah Hynie My class had been using the story of the three little pigs as the basis for our term topic, when the Guardian printed the writing activities the three little pigs little pigs open journalism advert.

I thought it was a great opportunity to use this to develop the pupils' understanding of what justice means. The children had great fun making up characteristics for the three pigs. We discovered that the youngest one loved to exercise, play football, jog and do all sorts of team sports, while the middle one was a little obsessed with computer games, especially his beloved X-box.

And the oldest one was a cleaning fanatic, tidying and cleaning all the time - he liked everything to be spotless!

writing activities the three little pigs

The children felt very angry towards the despicable wolf, who had blown down two of the houses that had taken so long to build, and eaten two of the pigs! They thought the third pig must be very scared for his own life and his lovely house, and could not imagine living life so fearful!

But then the children received a surprise letter from the Wolf himself, who was now in jail, requesting they hear his side of the story: The True Story by A Wolf. The class was split, with some on the Wolf's side and some on the pigs'.


The Wolf's side argued that a large percentage of us eat bacon too. The pigs' side felt very sad for the families of the pigs, and for all the hard work they had put into building their houses! The day after this debate, I opened the Guardian to find a two page spread on the pigs.

The timing was perfect! It was a superb opportunity to widen our project, using The Guardian as a tool to enhance teaching and learning. Imagine their and my surprise when it turned out that the three little pigs were alive and well, and in the Guardian paper, on their way to the court house.

I brought the paper into school, and the children were thrilled. They assumed it must have been their discussions that had brought the matter to the attention of the media.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs - Lessons for teachers

Following on from these exciting developments, the Guardian released onto their website and TV the short clip of what had seemed to have happened. Well, the children were beside themselves with excitement, they wanted to know where everyone in the clip had got their evidence.

They wanted to find out what the wolf's motives were, and how the pigs reacted. The learning, enthusiasm and debates that arose as a result were inspired! At first, before the Guardian had released their video clip, we had started down a different route: But after the children saw the clip, they decided that the pigs had "placed" bacon in their houses, expecting they would be blown down, to tempt the wolf and make him look bad, when actually they were alive and well.

The pigs had also put out a pot of boiling water to get the wolf, and he had burned his bottom! It looked as if it might all have been a conspiracy: But in fact the Wolf was proved to have asthma.

Some of the children in the class suffer from asthma, and, feeling a connection with the wolf, they used this in their arguments for the Wolf's innocence.

They explained how hard it could be to breathe at times, and therefore impossible for the wolf to blow down any houses. The class was already split over who was in the right, but after the Guardian article, even more of the children joined the Wolf's side.This Pin was discovered by Erica Bass.

Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Feb 26,  · Last week was a fabulous week of fairy tale fun with The Three Little Pigs. We started the week with by creating the 3 pigs' houses. We made the straw house by gluing on hay that was leftover from our fall pumpkin patch that we made in our dramatic play rutadeltambor.com: Erica.

Persuasive Writing with The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs Long before “ mentor text ” was the latest education buzz word, there were teachers, including me, who used picture books as a way to spark our students imaginations when they were writing.

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After teaching, The Three Little Pigs lesson plan to your preschool students, they should understand the plot line of the book, as well as how the message of the story can be applied to their own lives.

Three Little Pigs: Printable Writing Prompt Worksheets Print out the writing prompt activities with small sentence prompts to get your children writing!

Your child may choose to focus his own story on the themes within The Three Little Pigs, or he may let his imagination run wild.

A Spoonful of Learning: 3 Little Pigs + Pete the Cat + FREEBIES!!! = FUN!!!