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We embody this idiom here at Limelight Online, which is why we try to afford our clients with both more time and more revenue by way of custom web development.

Website development

Tweet With the release of Bootstrap 3 in mid-August, I was eager to take it out for a test drive. The first thing that struck me when I was reading through the documentation were the many similarities to Foundation 4.

Website development

This new environment allows developers to quickly put together a flat prototype with reusable templates and partials Website development in their favourite templating language. Akin to YeomanBootstrap 3 uses Bower and Grunt to do the manual labour.

It also includes Jekyll as a builder and server, Liquid for tidier templates and Recess for Less pre-processing. I was really impressed with the new setup, and so eager to get into the new workflow I decided to put down Foundation and give Bootstrap 3 a try for our Website development project.

Getting set up Setting up a new Bootstrap is now even easier! For development, I recommend installing straight from Bower as suggested on getbootstrap.

It saves a whole heap of time and headaches fetching the latest version of all your favourite front-end packages. Bower is dependent on Git and Node.

Website development

This is great, as it defines a consistent folder tree, making it easier to integrate into existing solutions and forcing devs into good habits. Grunt is a wonder-tool which deals with all the nitty-gritty tasks that can make front-end development rather tedious.

It can pretty much automate any task you can possibly imagine. As an example, some of the most useful tasks included in the Bootstrap 3 install are JS hinting, concatenation and uglifying, Less preprocessing via Recess and HTML validation.

We just wanna test out our static little Bootstrap site. On Mac, Jekyll is dependent on Ruby and RubyGemsyou should be able to get those two installed in minutes. The Jekyll website pointed me at this tutorial for setting up Jekyll on Windows. From here you can go in two directions: You can ask all of these tools to keep watching your code for changes with a few commands.

The days of slaving over these crucial optimisation tasks are over. There are various tools available, web tools like tinypng.

I found a grunt module called imagemin which fills this role pretty well. Foundation fan-boys are probably tempted to give up and go back over to F4 where they can use Sass.

Before you do, have a look at this… Aaron Lademann has created a pretty decent fork of Bootstrap called Sass Bootstrap. And that basically solves one of the biggest reasons not to use Bootstrap… Found any other tools to streamline your development process?

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Web UI components. Polymer and ReactJS will grow in popularity as developers move towards more reusable dynamic components.

Facebook’s ReactJS library is framework-agnostic and uses some fancy new techniques to quickly build user interfaces. Google Web Designer is a free, professional-grade HTML5 authoring tool.

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