Way of protect our enviroment

Preserving and protecting our environment is one of the main goals of the government of every country in the world. A country when we can see an environment that is green, waste less and clean is surely a successful country. To have this, these are the ways:

Way of protect our enviroment

What Type of Noise?

Way of protect our enviroment

This page gives information about types of noise that you might be experiencing now. Visit our Future Noise page if you are concerned about proposed developments and activities that could cause noise disturbance Noisy neighbours Local councils can deal with noise from loud music, DIY activities, barking dogs or other excessive animal noise, car and burglar alarms, deliberate banging or raised voices where unreasonable.

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There is more detail on some of these issues below. They cannot deal with noise arising from any reasonable activity or from passers-by, for example in the street. Nor can they deal with noise from shared property except in Scotland. The Noisy Neighbours page gives advice on what to do if you have a problem.

Factories or industrial premises Local councils can act to stop unreasonable industrial or commercial noise. Fines for noise from industrial and business premises are much higher than for noise from private homes. See further resources page for more about local authority powers on industrial or commercial noise.

Noise at work Exposure to noise at work can cause hearing loss and a permanent ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus. The Health and Safety Executive website gives advice on what you can do if you are worried about noise at work. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations place a duty on employers to protect their employees from noise.

They must assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to noise. The Health and Safety Executive enforces the Regulations where high exposure to occupational noise is likely to lead directly to hearing damage or interfere with workplace safety.

Local authorities enforce them in music and entertainment business and some industrial premises, for Way of protect our enviroment those associated with retail activities. If you think your hearing may already have been affected from work-place noise whether in your current job, or from many years agoyou may be able to claim compensation from your employer.

This is a specialist area and time limits apply for bringing claims, so you should seek independent legal advice. If the noise is linked to anti-social behaviour such as disorderly or violent conduct, the police can get involved read the police powers section on the FAQs page.

In Scotland, councils regulate noise from pubs and clubs by imposing and enforcing planning and licensing conditions.

Ways of Protecting and Preserving Our Environment Recycling things is the best way to lessen and avoid global warming and climate change. • Avoid burning garbage to lessen global warming. Learn to sell and recycle things to be practical nowadays. • Refrain from using air conditioner. Instead use electric fans than aircon.4/5(). The Heritage Lottery Fund have awarded £ million for a project led by Natural England to save bats and protect churches. Latest environmental news, opinion and analysis from the Guardian.

Some councils may also have made by-laws to control this type of noise: Construction sites Noise from machinery, drilling, demolition work and other kinds of activity on construction sites can be very distressing for people who live nearby, particularly in otherwise quiet residential areas.

Local councils can regulate noise from construction sites, both in advance of construction starting, and after a complaint. If a builder applies for consent, the council can set conditions to control noise.

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If the builder does not apply for consent, but it appears to the local council that construction is about to start, they can serve a noise control notice. After a complaint, council officers measure the noise coming from the site before deciding whether to impose conditions on how further construction work should be carried out.

Night time noise If your local council has resolved to apply the provisions of the Noise Act in England, Wales or Northern Irelandor been ordered by the Secretary of State to do so, it must take reasonable steps to investigate complaints of noise from dwellings or licensed premises between 11pm and 7am.

In Scotland, if your local council has resolved to adopt the provisions of Part 5 of the Antisocial Behaviour Scotland Act it has to ensure that an investigation is made into any complaint of noise from accommodation, shared private gardens or common property in a tenement or housing scheme but not from licensed premises.

Ask your local council if they have adopted the relevant noise control provisions. Council officers can enter premises where there is noise beyond the prescribed levels and remove any equipment responsible for the noise. Some councils have out-of-hours noise patrols who can investigate alleged night-time noise nuisances in person.

The Anti-social Behaviour Act also grants powers to local authorities in England and Wales to investigate night noises whether or not they have adopted the provisions of the Noise Act Anti-social behaviour Causing excessive noise at night, or in residential premises, can be a form of anti-social behaviour.

The police, councils and housing associations now have extra powers to deal with anti-social behaviour under Part 1 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act Loudspeaker noise The use of loudspeakers in the street for advertising any entertainment, trade or business is prohibited except if the loudspeaker is on a vehicle selling perishable food between noon and 7pm and is operated in a way that does not give reasonable cause for annoyance, or if the council has given its consent to do sobut loudspeakers can be used for other purposes between 8am and 9pm.

Essential services such as the police, ambulance services and fire brigade are exempt from loudspeaker restrictions. Engine noise and tyre vibrations are the main causes of traffic noise.

Way of protect our enviroment

This type of noise may not constitute a statutory nuisance but if it unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of land, it can be treated as a private or public nuisance in common law. Local councils have very limited powers to deal with road traffic noise, but they have a legal duty under the Land Compensation Act and the Noise Insulation Regulations or their Scottish eqivalents to provide noise insulation in homes, where traffic noise from new or significantly altered roads exceeds the recommended levels.

You can get more details on whether you are eligible for noise insulation from your local authority or, in England and Wales, from the Highways Agency tel. Recreational noise Motor sports, arcade games, recreational hunting, powerboat racing, clay pigeon shooting, public concerts, circuses, fairs and fireworks are some of the common sources of recreational noise in the UK.OUR RANGE.


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