Tea product export from india

The Worlds Top 10 Tea Producing Nations These countries lead the world production of tea, the 2nd most popular beverage in the world.

Tea product export from india

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Tea Plantation ACIL is one of the leading producers of the most exquisite, high quality, premium teas. The company operates 14 state-of-the-art factories, 14 tea estates and gardens spread over 14, hectares. It employs over 32, people with well laid-out infrastructure, duly supported by planned social welfare activities.

The company manufactures around 15 mn kg. The entire niche business conducted by the company is attributed to direct retail services.

In the manufacturing process, an average of hectare of tea encompasses a single high quality production factory. The company has 14 tea estates, which are backed up by 14 state of the art factories.

The book value of the Tea estates amounts to Rs. The bright Digulturrung teas are known for their remarkably even quality, which makes them a blender's eternal favourite. Land utilization is Dinjan Tea Estate Popular for its high percentage of clonal teas, Dinjan means 'the spiritual river'.

The distinctive Dinjan leaf gives a bright orange cup, with excellent 'keeping' qualities. One of the highest yielder in the Company. Well-equipped factory maintains good standard of quality in Orthodox as CTC production.

This fully matured garden is known for its attractive leaf appearance, and a golden liquor of unfailingly consistent make and density. Located north of Tinsukia, in Panitola Circle.

Nudwa Tea Estate In Assamesethe word 'Nudwa' refers to a person distinguished for his good health. The shiny Nudwa teas are invaluable to blenders because of their characteristic balance between briskness and mellowness.

Small estate located along national highway 37, close to Chabua airport. Produces above average quality. Thanai Tea Estate Named after the old man of Thanoi, this mature garden has been responsible for many great blends.

The unique Thanai liquor embodies the traditional Assam tea goodness brisknessbouquet, maltishness, and a beautiful golden colour. Located in Dibrugarh Circle.

Compact estate with some good clonal quality. It is named after Hazel, the daughter of the famous Civil Servant, Dr. The abundancesizeand colour of its tip makes Hazelbank an all time favourite of tea buyers. A small compact estate located 6 kms.Ancient India. Tea cultivation in India has somewhat ambiguous origins.

Though the extent of the popularity of tea in Ancient India is unknown, it is known that the tea plant was a wild plant in India that was indeed brewed by local inhabitants of different regions. [citation needed] But there is no substantial documentation of the history of tea .

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India’s tea export in comparison with the performance of other major tea exporting countries of the world, identify underlying factors, estimate India’s future tea export prospects. The present study has been divided into seven sections. India is ranked fourth in terms of tea exports, which reached million kg during and were valued at US$ million.

The top export markets in volume terms for were Russian Federation ( million kg), Iran ( million kg) and UAE ( million kg). Economics The Worlds Top 10 Tea Producing Nations. These countries lead the world production of tea, the 2nd most popular beverage in the world.

Tea product export from india

Export invoice, export packing list,certificate of origin (GSP – Generalized System of Preference) and other documents are prepared based on the purchased order or LC to export Coffee, Tea, Mate and Spices.

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