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While at Pacific Anastasya traveled with a professor to China to do research.

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Construction Management, University of Washington B. I am particularly interested in promoting an interdisciplinary research approach in the fast-growing BIM industry through applying computational methods and information technology in developing innovative BIM implementations during the life cycle of a construction project.

I have an additional research interest in sustainability, including high performance building, energy efficiency, and sustainability certifications. Architectural Engineering, Khomeini International University I am interested in the history and theory of Japanese built environments, with an emphasis upon traditional practice and sites, particularly Zen temple gardens, and architecture.

I have additional interests in landscape design, native plant horticulture and native garden design, and Japanese history and literature. I would like to study management of changes in old historic urban areas, specifically focusing on creative approaches such as adaptive reuse projects, contemporary designs, and long-standing communities.

In addition, I am also interested in urbanism issues in developing countries in East Asia, international preservation principals, gentrification, public places.

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Biology, Student profile Tech I am interested in environmental democracy and the material and social dynamics that interact to affect community well-being and ecological health.

Research for my PhD in the Built Environment will build on that work, further considering the determinants and production of adaptive capacity, resilience, sustainability, and vitality.

Through my research experience, I have come to believe that appropriate environmental settings can work as a strong health intervention. Specifically, my interest is in investigating what physical and social factors can affect health in the everyday living environment, with a focus on neighborhood and community design.

Green Building Council M. Construction Management, The National University of Civil Engineering, Viet Nam My research interest is lean construction, focusing on applying operations research to assist the management of construction prefabrication supply chain.

I have other interests including project management, construction technologies, Building Information Modeling, and construction sustainability.


Historic Preservation, University of Pennsylvania M. Additional interests in urbanization and preservation in Asian cities. Architecture, University of California, Berkeley I am interested in critical landscape history and theory, environmental knowledge production, and the politics of infrastructure and ecological representation.

Other interests include speculative site methodologies, digital and analog mappings, landscape narrative, and material geographies of waste and decay. Engineering, Purdue University B. Engineering, Ajou University My interests are in studying resilient and sustainable infrastructure systems in the built environment to promote community resilience by encouraging the deployment of renewable energy and innovative management systems in consideration of invisible costs of environmental externalities and human health and private investment opportunities.

This would be examined by optimizing the interdependent systems through frameworks and decision support tools, utilizing data analytics, simulation modeling, life cycle assessment, geographic information system, and financial policy analysis.

This work is at the intersection of AEC and the sociological and organizational theories that help identify and analyze the activities within professional practice collaboration. I am using qualitative studies to build theory and practice models for Lean Construction, sustainable design and construction, and integration across design, construction, and facility management.

I am also working with technological constructs like BIM and COBie that form foundations for new kinds of collaboration. I am a licensed architect, and have been a long-time educator in architecture and construction.All Profiles. While abroad, students have many unique and interesting experiences.

When they return, we ask some students to share their stories to help other students think of . Elinor Purrier. Elinor 'Elle' Purrier '18 is a nutrition major and is also a 17 time America East Champion, 10 time All American, and won the Indoor Mile at the Indoor National Championships.

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