My favourite flower rose

Find out what this sunny gem means as a birth flower or a happy representation of the sun.

My favourite flower rose

Ramblers are distinctly different from the Climbing Roses in that they have blooms in clusters of seven the climbers have clusters of five and their leaves are in groups of seven the climbers have groups of five.

The Leaf Of A Rambler.

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The other difference is that the Ramblers will only flower once eg. However, two ramblers do flower repeatedly - 'Malvern Hills' and 'Snow Goose'. Ramblers also have very few thorns compared to the Climbers.

Rambling roses have stems canes which are more flexible than the Climbers, so they are much easier to train on a trellis, over an archway, or even across the ground as a beautiful ground cover.

They are also generally more vigorous than climbing roses; they would do better climbing up a tree than over a fence or pergola. Always check the height if you are considering a new rambler for your garden!

Some will grow to 40 feet or more. There are three different types of Ramblers: Rosa 'Adelaide d' Orleans'. Bred by Antoine Jacques in France Jacques was the head gardener to the Duc d'Orleans from tohence its name. This gorgeous Sempervirens rambling rose will grow from 14 - 15 feet.

It is very fragrant and blooms in Spring. It is a wonderful cover for pergolas, arches and of course, for privacy.

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It has small, double pale pink blooms which are cup-shaped. Another Sempervirens rambling rose, 'Felicite et Perpetue'. Also bred by Jacques in This rambler is extremely tough and disease resistant and its perfume is said to be like the Primrose.

Apparently Felicite and Perpetue were twin sisters. The only rose named after two people. I have read that the two roses above are the only Sempervirens available today. The Stunning Rose "Albertine'. Wichuranas are so determined to grow, that they will often take over everything in their path.

Life with a Wichurana is not easy, unless you love regular pruning to save your pergola or even your house. Be careful where you put them. My Banksia, however, was well-behaved and only reached the top of the plum tree in fifteen years. The other one I had was trained around a huge water tank.

It looked so beautiful because it flowered at the same time as the Lily of the Valley below it. But I was very disappointed with the short bloom time.

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On the other hand, my Mum's Banksia Rose was so vigorous, she had to have it taken out. The tough award winning Wichurana Rambler 'New Dawn'.

Not only is it easy to keep, it is very fragrant. It was developed in and is repeat flowering with 3" blooms and looks divine over an archway or a trellis against a wall. Modern climbers were based upon this very special rose which is a real winner among the disease resistant roses.

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This rose will grow to 18 feet. New Dawn was inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame in The first rose ever to have been named after a person. Red Dorthy Perkins Rosa 'Excelsa'. There's even a 'White Dorothy Perkins'. The beautiful Wichurana Rose 'Awakening'.The sunflower is not the rarest flower, but it’s still a beautiful symbol of power for many people.

In many ways, it’s more powerful in what it symbolizes because it is easy to grow in your backyard or a patio container.

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My favourite flower rose

Clear and unusual, Flower by Kenzo links nature with city, emotions with a high-paced contemporary city life. This powdery floral scent is built on three basic notes. Floral note revolves around parma violet, gentle wild hawthorne, cassis and Bulgarian rose.

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My favourite flower rose

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