Ldom console you do not have write access

The vntsd is managed by the service management facility, smf 5under the service identifier:

Ldom console you do not have write access

Host is missing critical update alert email does not have affected host name. When a rule is configured to send email on missing critical update, the alert does not have the hostname in it, so its not possible to identify which host has the update missing.

The alert message was changed to include the hostname which has the critical update missing. The same alert message is also part of the email message. Changes made to show SF 6. VIOM is not discovering the SFW patches on the managed host correctly and even when they are installed, it shows them as not installed.

This was fixed and now the patches are discovered as expected. Increased the character limit from to characters. VOM patch discovery logic has been enhanced to report only the patches required by the particular product install.

Hence the issue is resolved and sfha-rhel6. With current design if discovery of any VOM family is runningsubsequent discoveries for that family take wait lock till discovery for first one is completed.

If any discovery process is hung because of any reason result is large number of subsequent discovery processes with wait lock. Preserve the selections when search text is entered. These URLs were not available for sometime, hence the refresh repository was failing with error.

When we perform any operation on SG or resource it wait till the refresh cycle to happen and then update its state on the UI components which shows its data like Tree View, Resource dependency graph view, SG dependency graph view.

Added explicit refresh call for refreshing Tree view, resource dependency view, SG dependency view and all other UI components which shows up state information of the operated SG or resource immediately after performed operation has finished its processing.

On cluster overview page getting the fault: When VOM CMS services are failed over from active node to passive node, the settings still show the active node as passive and vice versa.

The code has been fixed to report this and now the correct node state is seen after failover. The Tomcat webserver configuration has been changed to only support TLS protocols.

Fault count on overview page remains the same even after suppressing the fault.

ldom console you do not have write access

Changed the location of uploaded addon. The parsing logic of list of Organizations scoped for the rule, doesn't consider subsequent Organizations after first Organization when sorted Organization names alphabetically. Changed parsing logic to take into account all Organizations scoped for the rule.

Hence, the xprtld logrotate configuration is now removed as its no longer required. When you suppress the fault in fault tab the fault count in overview tab does on have any effect, ideally it should reduce the count. Made changes to database view which was responsible for fault count issue in overview tab.

ldom console you do not have write access

When the xprtld scheduler runs the vcs config clean up script, vssatbin cli which is invoked by vssat script core dumps due to an invalid reference. The AT code was fixed to handle the invalid reference and the vssatbin cli no longer dumps core.Nov 15,  · Login Ldom guest through v-console, get the following messages “You do not have write access” and can’t get login prompt.

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Causes. There is another session, it has login the guest. When this session is terminated, the problem is fixced. Categories: LDom. Add OS DVD to guest domain. Oracle VM x not support with OPS Center 12c UP3. Hi Rajesh, it was a long time to write about Ops Center.

I have Oracle Linux , I’ll install Ops Center 12c in a couple of days and post a step by step installation guide. Hi Muhammad, unfortunately I have no access to Oracle OPS center right now, so I can’t answer question.

Solaris 10 is the first Unix that deserves to be called "XXI century Unix" due to implementation of light-weight virtualization scheme called zones, extension of RBAC and process right management, DTrace, ZFS and predictive self-healing.

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You do not have write access A user who has no write access can acquire write access forcibly by using the ~w special console command, described in “Special Console Commands,” below. vntsd can be invoked only with superuser privileges or by someone in the Primary Administrator role. I have two VMs, both running under VirtualBox configured with bridged networking, and allowing full promiscuous access.

The Solaris 11 VM behaves reasonably well if . You can open another sesson to your primary domain and kill -9 the telnet session that has console write access to "wa" The other way is after pressing enter, type .

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