Labrador retrievers

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Labrador retrievers

The pet owning public is being duped into believing that animals with this dilute coat color are desirable, purebred and rare and, therefore, warrant special notoriety or a premium purchase price.

Labrador retrievers

Apparently, the rationale for this decision is that the silver coat color is a shade of chocolate. The Purpose of the Labrador Club The goal of the Club shall be to encourage and promote quality in the breeding and performance of pure-bred Labrador Retrievers and to do all possible to bring their natural attributes as working retrievers to perfection.

To preserve the Labrador Retriever as a working retriever and promote its multipurpose function. To conduct national specialty shows, field trials, hunting tests, and companion dog events under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club.

To provide educational programs that promote the health and training of the Labrador Retriever, and responsible ownership and breeding practices.

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To identify the diseases and hereditary defects of concern to the breed, and to contribute to research and health programs that will benefit Labrador Retrievers. To support the American Kennel Club as the primary purebred registry of the Labrador Retriever by encouraging breeders and owners to complete AKC registrations and to participate in AKC approved events.

To support legislative efforts that will ensure the continuation of a purebred dog registry. To collect and preserve the history of the Labrador Retriever in the United States.This list of Labrador Retrievers covers notable individual dogs that belong to this breed.

The Labrador retriever is the most popular breed of dog (by registered ownership) in both the United States and the United breed is exceptionally affable, intelligent, energetic and good natured, making them excellent and popular pets, companions and .

Jaqhs Labrador Retrievers and Barday Kennels occasionally have puppies for family pets as well as great retrievers in the field.

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Labrador retrievers

The Latest News from Castilleja Labradors - With 9 dogs entered at the Labrador Owners Club Specialty Show in June we brought home 19 ribbons - show results Jun 2 show results Jun 3 Our summer litters have arrived and are now all reserved. Maggie May the chocolate Labrador Retriever at 4 years old—"This is my Valentine Puppy, Maggie was born in on February 14, Valentine's Day, which is funny because she is a chocolate labby:) I got Maggie in the spring of To apply to adopt from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida, you must submit an adoption application on this site.

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Your support, both through adoption and donation is essential to our rescue and our Labs. Our dogs and pups excel in the field, in agility and dock jumping. They are fabulous family pets and wonderful companions. Carefully selected and bred to improve the breed standard, we are the premiere provider of traditional and dilute colored Labradors in the Pacific Northwest.

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