Informative essay about indoor tanning

You disconnect the timer on the sun bed and just slowly simmer. Terry Polevoy, the previous statement is one of the top ten comedic excuses why people use tanning beds.

Informative essay about indoor tanning

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What I speak of is Sun Tanning. Not only is sun tanning dangerous, now, even being out in the sun is potentially dangerous if your not wearing sun block.

The sun isn't the only way to get a tan however, another trend that can result in cancer is tanning salons. Our life management group learned many new facts that can save your skin and possibly your life, by protecting yourself from the deadly UV rays of the sun.

Informative essay about indoor tanning

The American Cancer Society predicts that this year in the U. Some 2, victims of these cancers will die this year, and most of the others will have to undergo surgery. Doctors are struck by the rise in melanoma cases. They say years ago it was rare to see one case of melanoma in a year, now it is normal to see 6 cases in six weeks.

Informative essay about indoor tanning

It seems the depletion of the ozone layer, which blocks much of the sun's ultraviolet radiation, is contributing to the rise in skin cancer. While there is little evidence to support this thought, scientists agree that in the long run the depleted ozone layer could cause trouble.

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Why does the ozone layer deplete? Because of the use of non ozone friendly products, and because of pollution from factories and cars. We are not being protected from the sun as well because of the ozone layers depletion. The skin's outer layer, or epidermis, serves as the staging ground for all three of the major skin cancers.

The cancer attacks the cells in your skin and forms tumors and other deformities. You can also get skin cancer from radiation, burns, infectious disease, or frequent contact with certain chemicals, but the most common cause of skin cancer is by the sun.

The most fearsome form of skin cancer is called malignant melanoma, which sometimes emerges from a mole. You can tell a Melanoma has infected a mole if your mole changes color to light brown, black or red.

They grow rapidly and can expand to the thickness of a dime. Eventually the become very poisonous to your body, and can be fatal. The most vulnerable people to skin cancer are light skinned, light eyed people of the north European race.

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Particularly people with red or blond hair that tan easily. It all depends on how much pigmentation you have, which is the substance that colors your skin and eyes. Black people are almost immune to skin cancer, while light skinned white people are very much at risk.

However, geography also plays a role in skin cancer. Places around the Earth's equator are where the most radiation enters the earth, and where the most people get skin cancer. Awareness of skin cancer is rising in the U. They say that applying a sun screen with an SPF of 15 wards off a sun burn 15 times longer than what no protection would do.

Skin cancer can be treated after you have it, by removing the tumor, but the best advice is to stay out of the sun as much as possible, and wear sun block.Photos of San Francisco's earthquake blended with photos from today in precise alignment. "Informative Essay About Indoor Tanning" Essays and Research Papers Indoor tanning is becoming ever more popular and has grown to a 2 billion dollar a year business in the United States and is a strong part of the American small business community (Skin Cancer Foundation).

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The Benefits and Risks of Using Tanning Beds History of Tanning Beds Risks of Tanning Beds Conclusion German scientist, Friedreich Wolff, brought his invention, the tanning bed, over to America in He patented them and began selling licenses of the technology to companies around the United States.

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