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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions or would like to contribute projects or ideas you can contact me Writing Fantasy - A creative Approach to World Building One of the most appealing things about fantasy is that it usually takes place in a fantastic and imaginative world. But building a rich and vivid world takes a level of visual creativity that can be daunting to a writer. How do you get your reader to feel the stones of your New World?

Essay writers world building

When I first began writing, my solution was to wing it. The problem was that I constantly wrote myself into corners. If you make enough of these kinds of shifts over the course of a novel, it begins to show. Here are the core principles for my novel The Arm of the Stone: This is how I usually get book ideas: In the dream, my friend traveled to a place where magic was possible only because technology was rigorously restricted.

I was intrigued by the question of what sort of world that would be. Would the restriction be based on a natural law—magic and technology are intrinsically incompatible—or on an ideology—people only think they are?

What kind of lifestyle would that create? What mechanisms of enforcement would be involved? I decided to make the incompatibility between magic and technology a belief, rather than a law of nature.

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Belief systems are a fascination of mine, and the idea of an anti-tech ideology that might or might not be based on truth seemed to offer more plot possibilities than a natural law.

I was then faced with the question of why such a belief should arise. There had to be some past experience of rampant technology, an evil memory that had become a fundamental part of the belief system. I considered several possibilities: It seemed to me that the lifestyle of my anti-tech world would be more or less medieval—not just because anti-tech ideology would force it to remain a pre-machine culture, but because the ideologues, in their fervor, would cripple the practice of technology beyond what was really necessary.

Granted, the generic medievaloid world is a major fantasy cliche. In my world, the stasis had a clear—and artificial—cause, which I thought provided a sufficiently different take on medievalism.

I should say that not everyone agrees. I had the ideology, then, and the lifestyle. I needed an organization that would embody the anti-tech belief system—and enforce it, since repressive beliefs need a lot of policing. I like to use real-world models whenever possible; I think an imaginary world gains depth not just by being strange and different, but also by being recognizable.

Because I wanted my anti-tech ideology to have a strong religious flavor, I decided to base my organization on the medieval Christian church. Thus the Order of Guardians was born. It has a central seat of power, like the Vatican. Its members receive training and take vows, as in a religious order.

essay writers world building

It governs by means of Dioceses, controlled by the equivalent of Archbishops, and parishes, administered by the equivalent of priests. It has scriptures, in the form of the Books of Limits, which set forth the precise means by which technology must be restricted.

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And like the church, it hoards wealth: It also has an Inquisition: For an oppressive system to endure for a long period of time, people have to buy into its core premise.

Inventing a deity whose will the Guardians could claim to be fulfilling seemed like an unnecessary complication. Making the Guardians the possessors of some mysterious power that enabled them to hold sway magically seemed like cheating.

In the end, I decided to combine the two ideas.

How does worldbuilding improve my writing?

I gave the Guardians ownership of an object known as the Stone, which has an omniscient world-consciousness and is thought to sustain reality by its contemplation of it, and is also thought to be the source of all magic.Building the Essay Draft; Building the Essay Draft Building a strong essay draft requires going through a logical progression of stages: Explanation; Development options ; Linking paragraphs ; Introductions ; Double-check your writing assignment to be sure you haven't gone off course.

It's alright if you've shifted from your original plan.

essay writers world building

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In academic spaces, writing becomes the bridge between ourselves and the world of ideas. In this course, we provide practical insights into how to write an academic essay. We show you how to develop the. [bctt tweet=”In fiction writing, give your characters’ world the attention it deserves.”] Why do I need to build a world?

Richard wilbur the writer essay the things they carried essay on guilt stop poverty essay in english folktale hero archetype essays essay my first experience swimming pool headings and subheadings in essays are articles insead january intake essays on poverty cause and effect world war 1 essay argumentative essay about money is everything. With plot and character in place (I write a chapter-by-chapter synopsis, and work up one- to two-page character sketches for each of the main characters), I faced the task of unfolding my core concepts into the detail required by the story: the nuts and bolts of world building. 5 thoughts on “ Sci-Fi Circuit: The Magic of World Building ” JennaAvery Post author May 13, at am K, fantastic to see you writing so much sci fi, and .

Simply put, your characters need a place to live, work and play! Every one of your favorite books, movies and TV shows involves building a world, even if it looks a lot like our own.

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