Economic development business plan

The Board shall consist of 14 members representing the following categories:

Economic development business plan

Dan Botich Your first step toward economic development and a quality of place? A strategic economic development plan. With a strategic economic development plan, your economic growth is sustainable and measurable.

Without one, your economic future is the destiny of others. But how do you do it? Below, I share five steps toward a strategic economic development plan.

It'll give your community or region the best chance for short-term and long-term success.

economic development business plan

Know that a successful plan will account for: Public and private partnerships and investment. Human resource development, education and training. Land use and sustainable housing growth. Commercial and industry stock. Social, recreational, arts and cultural development. Accept that you need a coordinated strategy and plan Acceptance is the first step.

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Recognizing you lack an organized and documented plan in the first place is critical. You're prepared to be proactive about the economic vitality of your community and create a quality of place. You're willing to take the lead and assemble your project team.

Now you need to get the commitment of key stakeholders. Who should be on your team?

Economic Development Plan

Knowing a dynamic plan requires a dynamic team, consider this list of key representatives: Influential local elected officials Local economic development organization LEDO representatives Representatives of the business community industry, financial, retail and office members Resident members Local places of worship A member of a local or regional workforce development office The size of your community or region often dictates the size of your team.

But, as a general rule, your team should be no less than six but no more than 12 members to be effective. Fewer than six and you will lack the diversity required to approach your plan from all the angles it needs.

Develop your plan, including tasks, deadlines and milestones As you develop your plan, consider these guiding questions: How can we strengthen existing businesses and attract new ones? How do we improve quality of life for both today and in the long term?Since the Oregon Business Plan has been the state’s principal economic development forum.

Creating jobs, raising incomes, and reducing poverty in OR. A thorough business plan will help make your business concept a reality. These resources will help you plan. If your organization is interested in receiving Restaurant Success brochures to share with your community, contact Jennifer Tam.

Office of Economic Development PO Box Seattle. A strategic economic development plan. With a strategic economic development plan, your economic growth is sustainable and measurable. Without one, your economic .

City of Grand Junction - Economic Development Plan

Economic Development Plan On May 7, City Council unanimously adopted the City’s first Economic Development Plan. The plan marks an important step for the City of Grand Junction in formalizing the approach to bolster business here and address economic development head on, especially in an economy that has been slow to recover.

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economic development business plan

Creating a business plan can be a daunting task, especially when you are staring at a blank sheet of paper. A business plan template can make the task much easier by guiding you through the questions to be answered and the research needed to develop the plan.

STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN: First Ward Park Charlotte MSC-Sid Tools Davidson OUR The Economic Development Department will enable a bright future for all Mecklenburg County residents by.

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