Ctel on-line coursework

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Ctel on-line coursework

$ for the CTEL Preparation Course Courses feature online, on-demand, video-based lectures & discussion forums, Q & A sessions, & printable resources Developed and presented by Elizabeth Jiménez Teaching English Learners Across the Curriculum SDAIE, ELD, and Culturally Responsive Instruction CTEL Preparation Course. Online research showed that quite a few UC’s were offering it as online program. I called all of them for more information but the nice lady at UCSD extension convinced me that this was the course for me. California State University, Northridge. Instructions for CTEL/CLAD Program Exit Portfolio. CTEL/CLAD candidates are required to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities in teaching English learners in the major domains of the California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL/CLAD) Program Standards.

The California Department of Education CDE administers and oversees state and federal programs, and regulations to support schools, including programs for ELs. State and federal statutes, regulations, local policies, student population, grade level, the content of a course being taught, and the instructional approach all will determine what authorizations a teacher is required to possess.

A teacher assigned to ELs will need an authorization for instruction to ELs in addition to authorization in the content area of instruction. The authorization is based on the rights and needs of the students to an appropriate education.

In addition, EL students whose parents have applied for and been granted a waiver require primary language instruction L1. Through monitoring reviews, the CDE specifically monitors teachers assigned to core academic subjects such as courses required for graduation and promotion.

The CDE also monitors whether former EL students are succeeding in the regular program comparable to their English-speaking peers.

Program design, placement of students, and teacher hiring and retention practices are local decisions. Incentives and sanctions are at the discretion of the employer. The CTC Web page: Teaching English Learners provides comprehensive information for educators seeking authorization to provide instructional services to English learners.

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The CTC is the agency responsible for the issuance of credentials. Authorization of Teachers to Provide Instruction to ELs Where in California state law is the requirement that teachers need to attain authorization to provide instruction to ELs?

The California EC requires individuals to hold the appropriate authorization prior to providing instructional services, including specified EL services. The pertinent statutes include: The CTC is responsible for establishing the teacher authorization process by which teachers are certified as having specified knowledge, skills, and abilities for providing instruction to ELs.

Are all teachers kindergarten through grade twelve K with one or more EL students in their classrooms required to be EL certified? ELs identified in K public schools in California are required to receive services designed to meet their linguistic and academic needs based on assessments made by the LEA.

The state laws do not specify exemptions for a small or particular number of ELs in a class. State of California, et al.

Bilingual Teacher Training Program

If one or more of the students in the class needs English learner services or requires instruction in a subject area, the teacher providing the English learner services must hold an appropriate English learner credential or authorization.

What is the timeline for certificated staff to attain EL Authorization? Certification is required on the date when a teacher is assigned to provide instructional services to an EL student or sooner if it is required by the employer.

Ctel on-line coursework

Can the district require EL authorization for all teachers?California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) Certificate This program is designed for credentialed teachers who wish to acquire the Cross-Cultural, Language, and . (CTEL) program. CTEL Requirements Students must begin the CTEL program with either EDUU or EDUU * Required Course EDUU Voice, Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice 3 EDUU Theories in Language Structure and Acquisition 3 EDUU English Language and Literacy Development 3 EDUU Content-Based Instruction and.

Ctel on-line coursework

The CTEL Portfolio runs concurrently with courses in the CLAD through CTEL program. instructors for each course will assist candidates in assembling the portfolio and reflections on learnings and field experiences, performing a portfolio check at the end of each course.

The Center for Technology and Enhanced Learning (CTEL), located on the Portland campus, is working with faculty to further develop both online and blended (both online and in person), courses. “[They] collaborate [by] providing course design support and training in commonly used course.

The CTEL program consists of four courses designed to meet the program purpose. These courses are taught at the master’s level and can apply towards the Master of Arts in Education: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Program.

LMU’s CTEL program operates on a hybrid model with 2 courses taught face-to-face and 2 courses taught fully online. Core Coursework. EDES Theories of Second Language Acquisition; EDES / Methodology in ELD and SDAIE for Elementary Educators/Methodology in ELD and SDAIE for Secondary Educators.

FAQs for English Learner Teacher Authorizations - Resources (CA Dept of Education)