Cereal partners worldwide

Only the finest ingredients are milled, mixed and baked according to strict standards. We promise both nutritional sustenance and great taste.

Cereal partners worldwide

Overview[ edit ] General Mills introduced Trix in as a sugar-coated version of its popular cereal, Kix. Five fruit shapes and colors were added over the years: In and again inthe cereal pieces were given a brighter, more colorful look.

General Mills' Yoplait division produces a Trix-branded yogurt marketed to children with sweetened fruit flavors such as "Watermelon Burst".

A new flavor, "Wildberry Red Swirl", was Cereal partners worldwide in Trix Swirls have since been discontinued; and the pieces in the original Trix were changed to their original flavor and shape lineup in The cereal originally used spherical cereal pieces, but inthese were changed to puffed fruit-shaped pieces, presumably to avoid clashing with Berry Berry Kix upon the latter's introduction.

Inthey reverted to their original shape in the United States. However, Mexico was left as the only country to mantain fruit shaped pieces until around late Trix would go from six colors to four because satisfactory natural alternatives were found for orange, yellow, red, and purple but not blue or green.

The fruit-shaped pieces soon came back around late Trix are for kids", which is still used in General Mills' commercial campaigns.

Cereal partners worldwide

Trix are for kids! Tricks originated as a puppet before he was animated.

The plight of Tricks has drawn comparisons to Sisyphusa Greek figure who was doomed to endlessly repeat a futile task. At the end of the race, two judges are arguing about whether or not Tricks should get the prize. In order to decide the fate of the prize, the children are called upon to send in their votes.

The result was yes and Tricks got the prize, much to his delight.

Cereal partners worldwide

One alternate slogan for the cereal was, "Oranges, Lemons, and Grapes I see; the fruit taste of Trix is all for me! Once, Bugs Bunny helped the rabbit in an attempt to get the cereal.Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), a joint venture between Nestle and General Mills, will invest SFr35m (Eur27m) over two years in the construction of a new breakfast cereals factory in Malaysia.

Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) is a joint venture which combines the expertise of two companies: Nestlé and General Mills.

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Established in , CPW employs 4' people and makes many of the world’s most popular breakfast cereals. The company has international reach, serving customers in more than global markets. Aug 30,  · Cereal Partners Worldwide S.A. produces and sells ready-to-eat breakfast cereals in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Location: Chemin du Viaduc 1 Prilly Lausanne, Switzerland.

© General Mills Inc. All Rights Reserved | An Equal Opportunity Employer. Get to know Cereal Partners Worldwide S.A.

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