Case digest g r no 171118

Respondents Burgos were dismissed from work in October for allegedly stealing company properties. Petitioners alleged that Soriano and Gonzales have violated various company rules and regulations contained in several memoranda issued to them aside from the charge of theft.

Case digest g r no 171118

On December 28, at around 6 pm. The 12 year old boy, Jessie was able to hide under a bed. Witnesses say that after the commotion inside the house, the two armed men boarded a get away jeep which was earlier guarded by masked lookouts. The neighbors immediately radioed the police and the get away jeep was later apprehended.

On board the said jeep were the two armed men Dominador Cachola and Ernesto Amay and six other identified men namely: Two hours after the incident, Jessie identified Cachola and Amay as the shooters.

He said he recognized them because the two were unmasked when they entered the house. The next day, Jessie again identified Cachola and Amay in a police line-up. And on another day, Jessie again identified Cachola and Amay through photographs.

Eventually, Cachola and Amay were convicted for murder. The other 6 were convicted as accomplices to the crime. The court, in convicting the accused for murder, reasoned that treachery is present and that on the killing of Victorino, ignominy is present because his penis was cut off.

Whether or not ignominy was properly appreciated by the trial court as an aggravating circumstance. Whether or not the 6 other co-accused are accomplices. In the first placed, it must be so alleged in the Information this was not so in this case.

Where the victim was already dead when his body or a part thereof was dismembered, ignominy cannot be taken against the accused. The 6 other accused are not proven to be accomplices to the crime.

View case digest 22 23 24 sherylle from LAW at Saint Louis University, Baguio City Main Campus - Bonifacio St., Baguio City. 22) Park Hotel vs. Soriano | G.R. No. FACTS: Soriano. Aug 04,  · G.R. No. 15 August Ponente: VELASCO, JR., J. FACTS: On August 5, , former Solicitor General Francisco Chavez, filed an instant petition raising constitutional issues on the JVA entered by National Housing Authority and R . Here’s the digest of that case — Bai Sandra Sema vs. COMELEC and Didagen Dilangalen, G.R. No. , 16 July Continue reading → People vs. Claudio Teehankee, Jr. (Case Digest).

To hold a person liable as an accomplice, two elements must concur: In the present case, neither element was proven. The mere presence of the six appellants in the company of appellants Cachola and Amay on board a jeep is not evidence of their knowledge of, or assent to, the criminal design to perpetuate the massacre.

That they were found to be with appellants Cachola and Amay almost two hours after the commission of the crime does not constitute previous or simultaneous act. There is no solid proof that the 6 other accused found to be with Cachola and Amay were the same masked men at the time of the incident.

Case digest g r no 171118

No one identified them in court hence there is reasonable doubt in their favor. Accused was convicted of violating Sec A of the Dangerous Drugs Act of — Unauthorized manufacture of regulated drugs.

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He contends that since his alleged co-conspirator was acquitted due to insufficiency of evidence to prove that she conspired with him, he should likewise be acquitted. Whether or not the act of one is the act of all still governed despite the failure to prove conspiracy?

Once a conspiracy is established, the act of one is the act of all, and each of the conspirators is liable for the crimes committed by the other conspirators. It follows then that if the prosecution fails to prove conspiracy, the alleged conspirators should be held individually responsible for their own respective acts.

The trial court handed down its verdict on March 3, finding both accused guilty as charged, thus:Oct 12,  · CASE DIGEST: Sanidad Vs Comelec G.R. No. L October 12, PABLO C. SANIDAD and PABLITO V. SANIDAD, petitioner, vs. HONORABLE COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS and HONORABLE . Here’s the digest of that case — Bai Sandra Sema vs.

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Case digest g r no 171118

Sep 25,  · case digest 3 cases G.R. No. February 2, RAYMUNDO S. DE LEON, Petitioner, vs. In this case, there is no legal basis for awarding moral damages since there was no factual finding by the appellate court that petitioner acted in bad faith in the performance of the contract of carriage.

Sunga's contention that .

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