Burlington coat factory ethnography

Lazer agreed, on the condition that the store be closed Saturdays in observance of the Sabbath.

Burlington coat factory ethnography

Found a couple of platters and some decorative and breakable Easter decorations. As I went to push my carriage full of breakables to my car I was told that carriages cannot leave the store. The two employees standing there did not offer to help me carry the breakables to my car.

I asked how they thought I was going to get it to my car. The female employee said I could pull my car u I did not want to leave my cart inside unattended or leave my child inside with the cart. I told her I would bring the cart right back. She said the doors would lock if I approached and I wouldn't even get outside with the cart.

I told her that was the stupidest policy I had ever heard. She said there had been too many complaints from customers about carts hitting their cars.

I said every store had that same issue but allowed people to push their carts to their cars. Maybe the two standing inside telling people they can't push their carts out should instead be following the people out and returning the carts to the store.

Or maybe the store could put in places in the lot for customers to return the carts to like the rest of the retail world.

Burlington coat factory ethnography

I was very close to just returning all the items but instead I carried my many breakables to my vehicle. I think if people cannot take carts out maybe there should not be carts in either.

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Then I would have known I could only buy what I could carry. Stupid solution to a problem. Imagine if Target on Rt. There would be no on shopping there. I will not be shopping at Burlington again. Stupid, stupid, stupid, aggravating, and customer alienating policy.Burlington Coat Factory carries a large selection of discounted cold weather apparel for men, women, and children.

The company's online store offers the same items sold at local Burlington Coat Factory 80%(). Feb 22,  · Crooks stealing clothes from area Burlington Coat Factory stores.


WEWS NewsChannel5 is On Your Side with breaking news & weather updates -- NewsChannel 5 brings you the latest trusted news and. Burlington Coat Factory offers name brand items at an affordable price. Pick from a large selection of outerwear, pants, tees, shoes, and home decor. Burlington Coat Factory opened its first store in and now owns and operates stores in 44 states and Puerto Rico selling discounted brand name shoes and clothing, baby furniture and.

Burlington Coat Factory is a clothing and accessories retailer. It offers many exclusive products such as Luxury Linen and Baby Depot and has diversified its business into furniture and home accessories.

Customers like Burlington because of the economical prices of its products. Burlington Coat Factory has deals you’ll love no matter what the weather. The discount chain sells name-brand clothing for the whole family, baby and nursery items, fashion accessories, and home goods—and, of course, quality coats and jackets for everyone.

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